13 May 2010

Albany Museum Mobile Service

Albany Museum Mobile Service is an educational outreach project designed to take educational museum resources to rural and urban communities that are unable to visit the Albany Museums. It aims to organise and supply lessons to rural and urban schools in the form of Mobile Museum Service up to 100km radius of Grahamstown and can even go beyond 100km by invitation. Albany Museum Mobile Service visits are free of charge, but have to be booked and as a co-ordinator.

The Mobile Museum owns a customized vehicle that is equipped with Museum artefacts Each box consists of a display unit of different galleries, for example Earth and Space, Fossils, Blue planet, Invertebrate, Mammals, Egyptian Mummy, the San, Birds and Wild Life. The Mobile Museum also encourages the educators to loan the artefacts so that their teaching can be made more meaningful in a classroom context.

Special events have included the Mandela Day last year (2009) where the museum staff collected various items such as toys, gardening equipment and/ or clothes which were distributed to the neighbouring farm schools. Mandela Day commemorated 67 years which former President Mandela spent in fighting for peace, humanity, social justice and equality. The call is for all of us to spend 67 minutes making a difference to our communities, 67 minutes is symbolic to 67 years. This number was converted into minutes where a helpful service was provided to somebody in the community.

The Mobile Museum services decided to target some local farm schools - the schools reached were: Manley Flats, Zintle, Wilsons Party and Martindale farm schools.

The delighted faces of both the teachers and the learners made the day well worth while! The learners sang beautifully to the presenters as the Mobile Museum van rolled onto their school grounds! Tea was served and it was a happy day for everyone. As the van drove away, learners could be seen bouncing their new balls and excitedly looking at the newly acquired presents. This event received massive media coverage.

The Mobile Museum would be delighted if more items could be brought to the Museum for implementing another occasion such as this one.
Items such as toys, writing/reading equipment, clothing for both teachers and learners; office or gardening equipment; table cloths, curtains, basins, cups, plates, or anything which could be useful to render the learning environment more efficient or attractive.

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