31 May 2010


On the 25th of May 2010 the Mobile Museum Service presented an International Museum Day program. The co-ordinator of the Mobile Museum Services,Ms N. Madinda and her team, Ms B.Tana and Mr Z.Taljaard aimed to bring the Museum to the disadvantage area of Farmerfield. The purpose of the day was to celebrate International Museum Day which had been celebrated around the world on the 18th of May annually since 1977. Our theme was ‘Museums and Social Harmony’.

The team interpreted the artefacts: Ms N.Madinda interpreted Mobile Museum objects and Anthropology artefacts. Ms B.Tana presented one of Archaeology artefacts called the stone tool. Her introduction was based on what archaeology is and what it means to be an archaeologist. She explained this to the people. Mr Z. Taljaard of Exhibitions Department explained the differences between 2D and 3D displays, colour and design of these boxes in front may have been ever so slight boring when competing with a rolling drum. The day was all in all well presented and enjoyed, and as he found himself wedged back into place in the back of the van,he realized the importance of the exchange of Culture and knowledge just freshly obtained.

The motivational speaker Mr R. Solwandle D.O.E (Department of Education) thanked the museum staff for bringing the event to the farm school. He emphasized that social harmony refersto our individual well – being in relation to other people and to nature."Museums need to build bridges to reach out to others to practice social harmony. We are part of nature and also managers of nature".

One of the parents Ms N. Matika told us that it was the first time she saw Museum objects and thanked the principal of the school Ms N. Khakhana and the museum staff. Mr N. Tafane took pictures and Miss S. Klaas assisted with the display of objects. The principal summarized the speeches and encouraged the learners to learn and visit the museum. She said one day one of the learners can be an archaeologist. It was a lively day full of joy. Learners; teachers and parents were singing and dancing and also the vibe of praise singers.

The chairperson Mr Zethu did the vote of thanks and encouraged the learners to learn and visit the museum.

Refreshments were served and I would like to express our deepest thanks for the recent donation that we received from Mr Jon Campbell, Manager of Pick ‘n Pay Supermarket at Grahamstown.

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