24 July 2010

Museum remembers Mandela Day

by: Zongezile Matshoba

The Mobile Museum under the guidance of Nozipho Madinda once again hit the road to spend 67 Minutes in celebration of Mandela Day with farm schools outside Grahamstown. Donations were warmly given by Grahamstown individuals and businesses for distribution to four needy farm schools and communities.

Manley Flats, Zintle, Martindale and Wilson
Party were once again visited for 67 Minutes to
show the open hearts, humbleness and humanity
of Grahamstonians.

Listed below are some people and places the
Mobile Museum wishes to mention and thank:

Ms P. Mntonintshi; D&A Timbers; Diamond Cash & Carry; Ms V. Mabutya; Ms C. Lambley; Dr B. De Klerk; Kodak Express; Ms N. Madinda; UPB Booksellers; NELM; Ms K. Mhlekwa; City Fashions; J.Chan Henry; Ms Angie Marrinerl; Mr Zola Klaas; Pick 'n Pay (Mr Jon Campbell); Ms Shireen Badat; Dr J.Cambray; Prof Julie Wells; Ms Hannah de Wet; Ms Sue Marais; Ms Cathy Gusl; Dr Fred & Sarah Gess; Ms Phindiwe Maselana; Poogendri Reddy – SAIAB; Good Shepherd Primary; Mr Sibusiso Mtshali-Rhodes University; Ms Fundiswa Matyolo; Ms Helen James; St Mary's Primary; Nombulelo High School; Ms B Tana; Mr B.Mgijima.

Clothes, paint, cricket bats, tennis balls, water bottles, books, SA flags, sweets and biscuits were some of the many things that were received with smiles and ululations. The Wilson’s Party Farm School walls were plastered with former State President Nelson Mandela pictures, paper clips and writings in appreciation of his 92nd birthday and 67 years in struggle for humanity.

Madinda told learners, teachers and parents that Mandela has done more than enough in the past 67 years. Everyone started singing: Nelson Mandela, akekho ofana nawe! (Nelson Mandela,
there is no one like you).

"There is indeed no one like Mandela. Now is the time for all of us to pick up where he left and make a difference in our communities," said Madinda.

Thulani Lombo and Anelisa Deliwe who were guests of honour spoke with passion of the benefits they have received after being associated with the legacy of Mandela.

"Mandela studied law, but spent 27 years in prison fighting for equality and humanity. He helped to teach even white prison warders to read and write by asking them to write letters for him," Lombo, a grade 10 learner from Nombulelo High told the farm learners.

Sindi Sijadu, the principal of Wilson's Party Farm School wanted to cry when recalling the conditions farm schools and learners find themselves in.

"We live our home everyday only to encounter deep-rooted poverty and appalling conditions," she said. "Farm learners never attend pre-schools, and we have to teach them everything from scratch".

She appreciated that the Museum is always thinking about farm schools.

Nolindile Mrhalaza, an unemployed parent thanked the teachers and the Museum for celebrating Mandela's birthday with the farm community.

"These children are fortunate. We never attended school. It is true that as a person you learn new things everyday until you die". She promised to retell what happened today to all those parents who missed out because they had to go to work.

Noloyiso Mcekana, the principal of Martindale Farm School recalled where we all come from.

"We are coming from afar, from darkness, but today we are a rainbow nation in brightness and sitting here as brothers and sisters".

She then led the grade 1s, and the house joined in counting Mandela years: 10, 20, 30 ... 70, 80, 90, 91, 92!

Songs about Mandela, diski dance, reading, human rights narration and vuvuzelas kept everyone singing and clapping endlessly.

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