20 August 2010

ISIVIVANE SOLWAZI - Monument to Knowledge

Albany Museum and Robben Island Museum

Robben Island Museum has partnered with the Albany Museum in hosting learners for this year's Spring School Nation Building Camp which will take place on Robben Island from 24 September until 03 October 2010.

The theme for this year is Resistance and Resilience of the Human Spirit Against the Forces of Evil”: Africa Unite & Fight Xenophobia”.

An unforgettable Learning Experience

The Robben Island Spring School aims to create an unforgettable learning experience that the participants will treasure for life. Each year, a new theme, is tailored to focus on the interpretation theme as found in the Robben Island Museum Integrated Conservation Management Plan. This theme is then linked to topical, burning and relevant issues that affect our country.

Lessons to be Learnt

In 2010 the Spring School will be looking into the definition and the causes of Xenophobia. What lessons can be learnt from the notorious history of South Africa, where people were treated different because of the color of their skin, where the so-called undesirable members of society were banished or imprisoned? The treatment political prisoners received differed because of race, how they managed to overcome the divisive measures of Apartheid.?

Journey Through a Layered History

During their time on the island the journey will take the participants through the layered history of Robben Island, which consist of: banishment, hardship, isolation and imprisonment interwoven with resistance, resilience, tolerance and the triumph of the human spirit over hardship.

Learners will also get an opportunity to explore the island, interact with Living Heritage Resources (ex political prisoners), discover the history of the island and engage with their peers around the theme of Spring School 2010.

Xenophobia and Costumes

In order for learners to deal with the theme effectively they have been given pre-tasks before their journey to Robben Island.

Xenophobia Research - Learners asked to conduct research in their community on Xenophobia and to Write a mini research essay dealing with Xenophobia

The second task is for learners to bring along a cultural/traditional/customary attire/costume or dress and must conduct research on what this special costume/attire says about the learner and his / her community .When is it worn and by whom? Why is it important to the learners or his /her community?


Learners will showcase and share this information with other participants. This is an opportunity for learners to celebrate and introduce their culture to their peers from South Africa and Namibia

On Robben Island the learners will be hosted by Ms Sandra Daniels and Ms Vuvu Mayongo of the Robben Island Museum Education Department. Ms N Madinda of the Albany Mobile Museum Service is responsible for coordinating learners from the Eastern Cape.

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