06 May 2011

Bling bling - how do I look?

By: Zongezile Matshoba

One moment it is very quiet. One even wonders if the Scifest workshop is really happening, as the venue is being approached.

Inside the Education classroom at Albany Museum, participants sat and listened attentively as Celeste Booth, the Museum’s Assistant Archaeologist Curator, takes them through the history of jewellery making, from as far back as the Middle Stone Age.

Any late-comer to the workshop, or one who has just left it thinking that it is all theory and all boring would be shocked to hear hammering sounds depicting archeologists at work.

Faces brighten up as Bonny Tana and Natasha Higgit gives assistance to all participants determined to have their first ever jewellery made out of an ostrich egg shell.

Grinding a mere hole to the little piece of that shell takes around 20 minutes.

“Oh, no, my piece has broken,” screams one participant.

“Take another piece,” comes an immediate answer from another angle, urging the participant to continue working.

All participants work tirelessly, using very little stones as tools to open up the little holes in the shells. Others opt to start rounding up their shells in another egg-like stone to make a nice, neat looking piece.

Lastly, they took the twine and ask others for help … “Please rap this around my neck”

Following that are smiles, bragging, and snap, snap, using camera phones and digital cameras!

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