14 May 2011

Farm Community Museum-ing

By: Zongezile Matshoba

The third and final leg of the International Museum Week, a build-up to the International Museum Day celebrations to take place in Umthatha later in May took place at Masakhane Farm School at Ncazana in Seven Fountains on Friday.

Similar to other days like Valentine's Day on 14 February, Mothers' Day on 09 May and World Aids Day on 01 December, the International Museum Day on 18 May is celebrated by all those who love and have interest in museums, the farm community were told.

The growing impoverished community came in numbers to listen to their children narrating their museum experience. These learners were giving a report back and demonstrating how they represented their school and community the day before.

Nothemba Lungile, the principal of the school, cherished DSRAC and Albany Museum for leaving town schools and opted to celebrate with the farm community.

Wearing traditional attire, they sang and dance in jubilation. As a norm, Africans never resist to stand up and ululate whenever someone praise-sing their forefathers. It was the same case when these learners chanted their clan names.

Some of the learners, Ziniya Okuhle Mgcima, Akhona Dosini and Sandile Ndubela all said they had fun and learnt more about museum galleries and animals.

The parents confessed that despite their old age, they have never been to a museum.

“Maybe I passed it when I am in town,” said one parent in despair.

They thanked Albany Museum for coming to their part of the world and tell them more about the museums. They confessed that they became worried when their children said they were going to the museum as they have heard all the funny stories.

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