25 February 2012

A brighter future for Museum's archaeology and Palaeontology

By: Zongezile Matshoba

There seems to be a light at the end of the channel for museums' archaeology and palaeontology. The South African government is determined to inject the much needed money into the severely under-funded museums like Albany Museum.

The Star newspaper reported that the Government was forging a strategy to further the study of SA’s palaeontological and archaeological past.

Albany Museum is known for its footprint and contribution in these two fields, especially in the Eastern Cape, thanks to Dr Johan Binneman and Dr Billy de Klerk (archaeology and palaeontology respectively).

According to the government spokesman Jimmy Manyi, the strategy is intended to provide a “holistic framework for the development of the palaeosciences,” the Star reported.

This strategy would see more money poured in museums and heritage agencies which will be spent to ensure that they continue with the various archaeological and palaeontological researches.

How much investment will go to the museums, and how long will it take for that money to reach museums will forever remain in the minds of museums' archaeologists, palaeontologists and museum curators or directors.

The Star - Delving more deeply into SA’s past

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