17 February 2012

Herbarium benefits from its outreach education programme

On Thursday 29th of November 2011 up to 1st December 2011 I (Phumlani Cimi) practically demonstrated Ncubeko Balani (a grade 10 learner from Mar Waters High School) on how herbarium operates and I worked with him as a volunteer until 1st December 2011. He assisted in filing and data capturing.  On the13th of December 2011 I also practically demonstrated Aphiwe Mame from same Mary Waters High School on how herbarium operates and I worked with him as a volunteer until 23 December 2011. He assisted in mounting, data capturing and compiling a numbered list of 40 genera. This was like a miracle to Tony Dold our herbarium curator when I submitted to him this evidence. Especially that Tony Dold was not even there when I was working with the volunteer. Tony Dold was on a field work most of the time.
These two volunteers Ncubeko Balani and Aphiwe Mame from Mary Waters High School have learnt a lot from the herbarium and in return herbarium has gained a lot from them as it is experiencing a shortage of staff due to a high rate of sick leaves.
The above mentioned learners are the product of herbarium outreach education programme. Our objectives are promoting an understanding of the holistic nature of the environment, which is characterised by interrelationships between, social, cultural, ecological and economical issues in local, national and global spheres interdisciplinary, integrated and active approaches to education developing environmental knowledge and understanding of concepts developing skills such as analysis of environmental issues promoting environmental values, including a respect for indigenous ways of knowing creating opportunities for people to take action to address environmental issues.   

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