21 February 2012

Join the Museum profession

By: Zongezile Matshoba

Well, Albany Museum has done another milestone, if not breaking new grounds for South African museums! Catherine Lambley, the Education Officer at the Museum, followed up her Manager’s idea, Bongani Mgijima, of developing a careers booklet, and produced a must read for any high school learner or tertiary level student.

The booklet, known as Museums Careers Guidebook, covers almost every career at Albany Museum. Surely these are not that different from careers found in other museums in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, or even internationally.

Teachers, students, parents and museum practitioners will read with joy various museum professionals giving their own insight of what attracted them to join the museum sector in first place, and what they did to ensure that their dreams are realised. They also talk of their love for the museum job, and their favourite moments.

Interestingly, the booklet has shown that Albany Museum has the most women professionals that are dominating in the field of archaeology, anthropology, education, mobile museum, freshwater invertebrates, history and entomology. They include the likes of Dr Sarah Gess, Fleur Way-Jones, Phumeza Mntonintshi and Dr Helen James. A rare thing, indeed.

So, museums are out there, and they will continue to recruit professionals particularly in rare skills. Do not pretend as if you do not know, or you have not heard because the Museums Careers Guidebook is out for you to follow a career in museum! Forget the myth that a museum is a very old, boring place with dirty, old stuff. Read the TRUTH about museums that they are fun, clean institutions that collect and safeguard artefacts and specimens in trust for society. In return, they offer exhibition spaces for public interaction, thereby creating an inpirational learning environment.

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  1. This will not only benefit those who were previously deprived/ disadvantaged, but will assist to ensure the future sustainability of museums as the young generation will develop interest in pursuing career in Museum and Heritage.

    I hope it reaches the masses of people as much as possible. Thumbs up to Museum Careers Guidebook and a job well done to all those who made it possible.

    Is it possible to download it?

    Many thanks,