18 July 2012

Support Albany Museum’s Mandela Day

By: Zongezile Matshoba

Albany Museum will spend its 67 minutes donating four corner libraries with books to four farm schools as part of its Mandela Day celebration on 20 July 2012.

Reading still remains a huge challenge in South Africa. According to the United Nations, South Africa is rated 113 in the world, with a literacy rate of 88%, shockingly below Zimbabwe (95), Lesotho (106), and Namibia (111). This is the proportion of people aged 15 years and above who can read, write, and speak worldwide. This is despite South Africa having one of the highest rates of finincial injection and expenditure in education in the world!

Many books have been written about Nelson Mandela, the former State President of South Africa, that these children will have to read as they grow up. These include the famous Long Walk to Freedom, Conversations with Myself, Mandela: The Authorised Biography, The World That Made Mandela, Nelson Mandela: A Life in Cartoons, and In the Words of Nelson Mandela, to name just a few. To keep his legacy, according to READ Educational Trust, we have to go back to basics, by teaching the learners to learn to read!

The Museum aims to make a significant contribution in order to ensure that farm school children are not deprived of the ability to read, and write. Unlike Mandela and other political prisoners who had to apply for a permision to go the library, these children will have corner libraries at arm's length for them to read, read, and read! This may one day result in reading clubs in these farm schools, initiatives that are mostly promoted by READ and Nal'ibali.  

Join Albany Museum, and make your mark by supporting this initiative. Nozipho Madinda, the Mobile Museum Officer, will ensure that your efforts are acknowledged.  

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