03 August 2012


Take a Learner to Work 2012:
Lt to Rt: Ms F Way-Jones, Curator Emeritus,
Albany History Museum, Mawethu Qinela of Ntsika Secondary School
and Loyiso Gunguluza of Mary Waters High School
and Mr B September Assistant Curator, Albany History Museum.

This group organised the display of radios
and the information on the history of radio broadcasting
for the exhibition “Stay Tuned”.
After months of preparation and research, the day arrived and four learners were welcomed to the Albany History Museum to “finish the job” on the exhibition entitled “Stay Tuned”. The “job” was the final touches to an exhibition of the History of communication which focussed on radios and Ericsson telephones. The learners first polished the radios and telephones and put them in place in the foyer of the Albany History Museum. The rough sheets of labels and information were provided. The venue had been set up with plinths for the objects and two screens for the information sheets. The learners were divided into two groups; the two girls, Siziphiwe Dlayedwa of Ntsika Secondary School and Zolelwa Mhlope of Nombulelo High School, chose to organise the telephone section and the information on the SABC Broadcasting Station in Grahamstown. The girls were fascinated by the early Ericsson pulpit telephones which had “party lines” enabling an operatory to listen in on conversations (if he or she wanted to)! Loyiso Gunguluza of Mary Waters High School and Mawethu Quinela of Ntsika Secondary School chose the radio section and the information of the history and future of radio broadcasting. They were more interested in the valves, batteries, earths, dials, needles and speakers that went into the making of early radios. On completing the arrangement of their section the learners then had a refreshment break after which Mr Luvuyo Mayi and Ms Cathy Lambley took them on a tour round the Dinosaur and Bird Gallery, respectively.

The learners then returned to the Albany History Museum to do final touches to the exhibition layout. Ms Lambley then joined them again and they explained their layout of the exhibition entitled “Stay Tuned”. The exhibition will be presented to the Grahamstown Historical Society on 18 August and local information on the history of radios and telephones will be added.

Thanks go to Messrs B September and Mr S Mageza and Mrs P Yame-Maselana for the preparations for the exhibition. Thank also go to Mr Dudley Forsyth, a radio enthusiast from Grahamstown for inspiring the exhibition and Mr Michael Japp of “Delmore” who lent us a scrapbook belonging to his grandfather, William Japp, who was a member of the Albany Radio Society of Grahamstown which met between 1924 -7 in the Physics Department at Rhodes University.

Fleur Way-Jones

Curator Emeritus

Albany History Museum

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