28 September 2012

SAPS WOMEN’S NETWORK 2012 Heritage Talk Programme director, Honourable SAPS Members (All Protocol observed),Colleagues & general public, I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and in Peace and Harmony.Ms Mankayi &Mr Ningi,it gives me pleasure to share the stage with you today ,more especially in this important event. For and on behalf of the Museum& the entire Heritage sector, it is our responsibility to serve you with dignity and pride. I’m happy that now our services are utilised locally unlike in the past where we used to get invitations of this nature from outside Grahams town. The event that you have organised here is very vital in our Heritage. How I wish it won’t be only an event of this year only. You have made a good example for all other public sector departments to learn from. Heritage is for all of us. I believe in inter-departmental collaborations since they forge useful ties and unity amongst public sector employees. Results of what you have ploughed here today may not show now but in the near future. For example :You ask any orchard farmer if he can plough fruit tree and within the same year it produces fruit, if he won’t get worried that his tree will not last him as he expects. By that I mean perseverance prevails. All of us in this hall have to take responsibility install our lost Cultural Values & norms to combat Domestic violence in Women and Children. This is a result of lack of respect in our Cultural diversity. For decades Heritage has been mis-represented and mis-interpreted.It is in our hands to somewhat help correct those wrongs.It might take time but we must give up.Eli lixesha lokuba singakhaleli ubisi oluchithekileyo,sijonge phambili.We need to make viable change& shine in our corners. One of the political struggle icon,former president Thabo Mbeki,once moved parliament in his 1996 Draft Constitution speech-“ I’m an African-decendant of Nongqawuse,etc”.Indeed he was right in standing for what he feels strong about,proud of his identity.Then again my Hero the late Lucky Dube in one of his songs THE OTHER SIDE,my favourite argues a point about being proud of who you are,it goes like this “Two guys namely Jackson and Themba appreciates less of what they have,Jackson –Jamaican slave descendant wishes he was home in Africa,His desperation to come to Africa can even make him catch any mode of transport that can bring him here,whilst lucky Themba on the other side,who hails from Soweto everyday he goes to the Airport willing to take a plane out of this place.”That a real situation even some of us ,to wish to give up what you have for something you do not know it’s pros and Cons. Imagine if one day we can be ashamed to call ourselves South Africans due to our wrong doings. Heritage as a subject is complex & a contested terrain,some others argues that it is selected.One of the shining examples would be a case of Ubuntu-Humanity which even our Govt has adopted it’s principle through Batho Pele Principles. Isixhosa sinentetho ethi xa ulinde into engasoze yenzele-bathi ulinde ukuza kukaNxele.My institution recently organised a public lecture about this African son whose whereabouts are unkwown,many of us took this general not even aware that his family still exists, We are lucky to form part of larger Grahams town community with its rich History and Heritage. We cannot entirely divorce Heritage from History, they do support each other, and for instance Heritage mostly relies on History, although History can exist on its own. For example when we commemorate Steve Biko’s death, we term it Heritage but what happened to Him is History occurrence. And the Marikana tragedy also forms part of the explanation. Before I support my argument further with examples and explanation on a PowerPoint presentation, I want to share with you my disappointment towards the appreciation and existence of my dept.Dept of Arts and Culture which has got a mandate to be Custodians of our History and Heritage, but to my surprise it is very underfunded, it is worse to what goes to Museums. You ask yourself how it will be possible for us to fulfil our mission and vision. This is what I’ll leave you with to digest. I thank you and please stay tuned for section. Guest speaker speech by :Phumeza N.Mntonintshi-Albany Museum,Ght.

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