27 August 2013

Albany Museum and Education Department

The Albany Museum was established in 1855 and is the second oldest museums in South Africa.Museums enable people to explore collections for inspiration, learning, and enjoyment. They are institutions that collect, safeguard and make accessible artefacts and specimens, which they hold in trust for society.

The Albany Museum is made up of many different departments which are staffed by renowned experts. For example we have expertise on insects, dinosaurs, plants as well as humanities. There are museum careers that are available at the museum such as palaeontologist, botanist, entomologist, historian, anthropologist and archaeologist, and taxidermist.

The education department plays a pivotal role in the museum. It offers museum lessons to schools throughout the course of the year. The Focus Weeks provide excellent programs of education, whereby the specialist present lessons for the whole week. The Education Department has projects such as Mandela Day, Winter School, Spring School and Access to the museum project that is funded by National Lottery. The Access to the museum project is a famous project to schools and to the community. We have a quantum bus that takes the learners to and from the museum.

The Education Department also provides a Maths and Science Club that is called Khanya Maths and Science Club. It was run by Ms Joyce Sewry from Rhodes Chemistry Department and Ms Nozipho Madinda the Education Officer of Albany Museum on Saturdays.


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