31 March 2014



The Education Department of the Albany Museum has launched the Blue Planet Hub Exhibition in the Natural Science Building. The Blue Planet Gallery was founded by Dr Jim Cambray. He retired in October 2010. This gallery was named the Blue Planet Gallery as water covers ¾ of the earth and explains the importance of water for life on earth and creatures that live in it.


After he left the museum the HOD of the Education Department, Ms Nozipho Madinda and her team refurbished the gallery. The team members, Dr Ferdy deMoor, Ms Irene demoors, Prof Rob O’Donoghue, Ms Liz Gowans and Mr. Heine Kohl. This was not always easy as they being staff members, also had their own departments to run, which resulted in this project taking longer than expected.  However, we are proud of our achievements and as a result, a lot of transformation has happened to the gallery. The new name of the gallery is the “Blue Planet Hub”.  The Blue Planet Hub has an open ended exhibition that tackles important issues relating to our environment. It presents a novel way of dealing with issues of concern by starting with an open discussion sessions dealing with a selected topic. Then this discussion can be expanded  and made relevant through audio/visual displays using examples derived from videos, slide shows, lectures and animated educational material.


From the topic under discussion, further information can be gained through reading pamphlets and booklets of information available from a central library source linked to the displays in the Blue Planet Hub. These literal sources are available to participants (learners, educators, senior citizens etc.) and from this they will be able to gather information to discuss possible solutions to problems identified.


The HOD of the Education Department acknowledges the following people:
National Lotteries Board: Funding
Project Coordinator: N. Madinda

Source of Material Exhibition :Prof R. O’Donoghue:
Editing & Design:
L. Gowans, I. de Moor, Bang Designs
Initial Concepts:
N. Madinda : HOD Albany Museum  Department of Education ,B. Mgijima : Former Albany Museum Manager
Albany Museum Staff: Dr F.C de Moor: Department of Fresh Water Invertebrate. P.  Cimi: Botany Department Natural Scientist, H.Kohl: Maintenance Officer, A. Ngeleza, A. Maselana, S. Mageza & L. Mtyobo : Maintenance Department
ARTISTS: Egazini Outreach Project:
N.R Tana, N.V Booi, V. Teyise
Founder of the Blue Planet Gallery:
Dr J. Cambray


The exhibition was well organized and successful. I would like to thank the guest speakers, the Albany museum staff and once again the motivational speaker Mrs. P.K Mafu the Manager of Museums and Heritage in the Department of Sports Recreation Arts and Culture.


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